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42XX Service Video

Installing HP LJ 42XX Fusing Assembly

42XX Service Video

Removing the service message on the 42XX series machines.

This link will give the service code numbers.   CODES

42XX Service Video

Installing the HP LJ 42XX Paper Pick-up Roller

42XX Service Video

Adjusting the fuser temperature on your HP LJ 42XX machines.

42XX Service Video

Installing a JetDirect card in your HP LJ 42XX series machines.

42XX Service Video

Configuring your JetDirect Card.  HP LJ 42XX printers.

CP2025 / M451 Service Video

Replacing the paper pick up roller and seperator roller

New Style Firmware Revisions

In this video HP shows you how to do firmware to the new generation of HP Laser Printers.

Full Waste Hopper

Often times you will get a service call with the desription of the problem being toner spilling.    We see a lot of times that the waste hopper is full, and the toner cartridge is approaching empty.

Link direct to full Youtube Channel